Dive Pricing

Including 10% consumption tax 

 Dive number  Price
1~2 Boat Dives JPY 19,800
 3 Boat Dives  JPY 26,400

1 Day Rental Pricing

Full Kit Wetsuit * JPY 8,800
BC JPY 2,200
Regulator JPY 2,200
Wetsuit JPY 2,750
Booties JPY 550
 Weights  JPY 550
 Signal Float  JPY 550
 Mask  JPY 550
Snorkel JPY 550
Fin JPY 550
 Hoodie Vest  JPY 770
 Dive Compute  JPY 1,100

*Dive computer is not included in Full Kit Wetsuit.
There are no dry suits rentals.
Including 10% consumption tax .
Please bring your own sandals and towel by your self.
Payment can be made by Cash (JPY) , credit card(VISA・Master)or PayPay.

Cancellation Policy

If diving is cancelled due to reasons such as weather conditions, no cancellation charge will be applied.
If diving is cancelled by the customer’s request, the following cancellation fees will apply.
Same-day cancellation・・・100% of the payment.
Cancellation on the previous day・・・50% of the payment.
Cancellation two or more days in advance・・・No cancellation fee will be charged.
Even if the number of dives is reduced on the day due to customer’s reasons, there will be no change in the fee.