ADDRESS Ito 962 Tateyama city Chiba Japan 294-0314
PHONE 0470-29-1470

We will inform you about common mistakes when making reservations for hotels and other accommodations.

◆Please be aware that there are two TATEYAMAs in Japan.
One is in Chiba Prefecture, and the other is in Toyama Prefecture.
Since they are both written as “Tateyama” in English, it can be easy to confuse them.
Furthermore, there are also two ITOs.
One is in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, and the other is in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Although they have different kanji characters and pronunciations in Japanese, they are written as “Ito” in English.
The shark diving is in Ito Tateyama Chiba prefecture.


◆Chiba Tateyama Expressway → Take a left on Tomiura IC exit → National Highway 127 → National Highway 410 → Take a right at the corner of Seven Eleven (T-junction) → Take a right at RECAMP TATEYAMA campsite T-junction → After the sign of “伊戸漁港 Ito Gyoko”, Take a left at the sign of “だいぼDaibo” (Takes 30 minutes after the IC)


◆From JR Chiba station

◇Leave at JR Chiba station 6:00am(Rapid train to Kimitsu)(Uchibo line Platform4).

↓(9 stations)

Arrive at JR Kisarazu station 6:40am.

Change train.

◇Leave at JR Kisarazu station 6:47am(Local train to Awakamogawa).

↓(13 stations)

Arrive at JR Tateyama station 8:00am.

◆From JR Chiba station
◇Leave at JR Chiba station 6:58am(Local train to Kazasaminato)(Uchibo line Platform4).

Arrive at JR Kazasaminato station 8:07am.

◇Leave at JR Kazusaminato station 8:09am(Local train to Tateyama).

Arrive at JR Tateyama station 8:43am.

We will pick you up at Tateyama station!

Express Bus

◆From JR Tokyo station
◆(Yaesu-Minamiguchi Boso Nanohanago) JR1go 6:20am departure → Ito Gyoko 8:47am arrival .
It is a 30-second walk from the bus stop.
※Please book your tickets to ITOGyoko(Tateyama) in advance.
From Tokyo To Chiba
Route Tokyo/Shinjuku⇔Tateyama/Awa-Shirahama
Bus Stop Tokyo Sta.(Yaesu South Side) → ito Gyoko
Boarding Date
To Return: JR 24go Kyukamura3:24pm  departure.

◆From JR Chiba station
◆(Nanso Satomigo) 6:45am departure → JR Soga station 7:00am departure → Tateyamaeki-mae 8:27am arrival .
We will pick you up at Tateyama station.

Local Bus

◆JR Tateyama station (General route, Sunosaki-mawari Flower park Awa-shirahama Nishizaki Junkan) → Get off at Ito Gyoko→
One minute walk from there to Bommie.