ADDRESS Ito 962 Tateyama city Chiba Japan 294-0314
PHONE 0470-29-1470


◆Chiba Tateyama Expressway → Take a left on Tomiura IC exit → National Highway 127 → National Highway 410 → Take a right at the corner of Seven Eleven (T-junction) → Take a right at Family Park T-junction → After the sign of “伊戸漁港 Ito Gyoko”, Take a left at the sign of “だいぼDaibo” (Takes 30 minutes after the IC)


◆Leave at JR Tokyo station 6:10am (Rapid train to Narita Airport)(Sobu line Platform3)

Arrive at JR Chiba station 6:51am.(Sobu line Platform10)


◆Leave at JR Chiba station 6:58am (Local train to Tateyama)(Uchibo line Platform4)

Arrive at JR Tateyama station 8:46am

We will pick you up at Tateyama station!

Express Bus

◆From JR Tokyo station
◆(Yaesu-Minamiguchi Boso Nanohanago) JR1go 6:30am departure → Kyukamura-mae 8:40am arrival →
We will pick you up at the bus stop.
※Please book your tickets to Tateyama in advance.
To Return: JR 38go Ito Gyoko 2:42pm departure or JR42go Kyukamura14:54pm or 3:54pm departure.

◆From JR Chiba station
◆(Nanso Satomigo) 7:10am departure → JR Soga station 7:24am departure → Tateyamaeki-mae 8:45am arrival →
We will pick you up at Tateyama station.

Local Bus

◆JR Tateyama station (General route, Sunosaki-mawari Flower park Awa-shirahama Nishizaki Junkan) → Get off at Ito Gyoko→
One minute walk from there to Bommie.