Shark Scramble in JAPAN!


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Dive site features around Okimae-ne

A Eastern buoy site (Shark City)
・Maximum depth= 21m
・Marine life found at Eastern buoy: Large schools of stingray,
hundreds of banded houndsharks, large longtooth groupers measuring over 1m long,
and Asian sheepshead wrasses.

B Western buoy site
・Maximum depth= 24m
・Marine life found at Western buoy: Various types of soft coral,
sea anemones, and other species of coelenterate.

Important Notice:

​・There might be strong currents depending on the season (especially in Summer) or daily conditions.
・Always use a rope to ascend and descend while diving.
・Required diving experience: at least one dive at a depth deeper than 20m, previous boat diving experience.

Water temperature

(Celsius degree℃)
Jan. 15-18
Feb.-April 14-16
May 14-19
June 15-20
July 17-24
Aug. 18-27
Sep. 20-27
Oct. 17-25
Nov. 18-22
Dec. 18-20




Dive Pricing

1 Boat Dive JPY 9,500
2 Boat Dives JPY 16,500
3 Boat Dives JPY 22,500


1 Day Rental Pricing

Full Kit Wetsuit * JPY 8,000
BC JPY 2,000
Regulator JPY 2,000
Wetsuit JPY 2,000
Booties JPY 500
 Weights  JPY 500
 Signal Float  JPY 500
 Mask  JPY 500
Snorkel JPY 500
Fin JPY 500
 Hoodie Ves  JPY 700
 Dive Compute  JPY 1,000


*Dive computer is not included in Full Kit Wetsuit.
There are no dry suits rentals.
Cash (JPY) Only. We’re sorry, we don’t take a credit card.


ADDRESS Ito 962 Tateyama city Chiba Japan 294-0314
PHONE 0470-29-1470


◆Chiba Tateyama Expressway → Take a left on Tomiura IC exit → National Highway 127 → National Highway 410 → Take a right at the corner of Seven Eleven (T-junction) → Take a right at Family Park T-junction → After the sign of “伊戸漁港 Ito Gyoko”, Take a left at the sign of “だいぼDaibo” (Takes 30 minutes after the IC)


◆Leave at JR Tokyo station 6:10am (Rapid train to Narita Airport)(Sobu line Platform3)

Arrive at JR Chiba station 6:51am.(Sobu line Platform10)


◆Leave at JR Chiba station 6:58am (Local train to Tateyama)(Uchibo line Platform4)

Arrive at JR Tateyama station 8:46am

We will pick you up at Tateyama station!

Express Bus

◆From JR Tokyo station
◆(Yaesu-Minamiguchi Boso Nanohanago) JR1go 6:30am departure → Kyukamura-mae 8:50am arrival →
We will pick you up at the bus stop.
※Please book your tickets to Tateyama in advance.
To Return: JR 38go Ito Gyoko 2:42pm departure or JR42go Kyukamura14:54pm or 3:54pm departure.

◆From JR Chiba station
◆(Nanso Satomigo) 7:10am departure → JR Soga station 7:24am departure → Tateyamaeki-mae 8:45am arrival →
We will pick you up at Tateyama station.

Local Bus

◆JR Tateyama station (General route, Sunosaki-mawari Flower park Awa-shirahama Nishizaki Junkan) → Get off at Ito Gyoko→
One minute walk from there to Bommie.


Email us to book a dive.

Email address:

Please include the date you would like to dive with us in the email subject line. Example: “Dive booking 6/9/2017”
Also please let us know the following information.
1. Name
2. Date of birth
3. What country are you citizen of? If you are currently living in Japan, what is your address and zip code?
4. Your phone number
5. Your diving experience level, Cert Co. (PADI, NAUI, SSI…) Total dive number.
6. When was your most recent dive? Where was it?
7. Do you have any prior boat diving experience?
8. Let us know if you have any concerns or need special accommodations.
9. How many dives do you want? (3 boat, 2 boat, or 1 boat?)
10. If you require rental equipment, what do you need?
Let us know the exact sizes (height and body weight, feet size, eyesight)
11. What form of transportation will you use to get to Bommie? (For example; car, train, bus?)
Let us know if you need a pick up.
If you are driving to Bommie, how many cars will your group be using?
12. Is this your first time diving with us? How did you find out about Bommie?